I have to tell you guys how I built my website because, boy… I feel like this is super relatable! SkillShare saved me years of studying.

Vague Disclaimers benefit no one: A recommendation for a paid subscription site is gonna be in this post. Steering you toward solid businesses is one of my goals in life because I love my readers! You’ll get a little something and I’ll get a little something and as far as advertising goes, you’ll agree with me by the end of this that this is a win!

Starting Out

I’ve run blogspot blogs before and I have had Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook; I get that stuff. Move me toward something that requires coding? Dead. Flashbacks of high school web marketing classes ring through my head and I turn green. Buy my own domain name and figure out hosting? Nope. Not me. So, even though I had been wanting to launch my own site and document my work for ages, I hadn’t sat down to figure out how to tackle it.

While I was sifting through YouTube videos to assemble a science lesson for my homeschoolers, I found a video with an advertisement for SkillShare. The video explained that if I accepted a free 30 day trial of this web service, the vlogger would also get a free month and we’d both be happy with the results. One thing you all need to know about me: I AM A SUCKER FOR A FREE TRIAL OFFER! Friends have had problems with canceling them in time. This is another not me thing. I am the self-proclaimed queen of free offers. After googling SkillShare and reading a few good reviews, I signed up.

Another Disclaimer: I am offering you the same deal I got, only better. If you choose to use any of my links to sign up for SkillShare, you’ll get 2 months FREE and I’ll get a month FREE, too! I could pretend that I’m sharing this information from the goodness of my heart, but I want another month of SkillShare! (I’m enjoying it far too much to give it up after just one month.) 



That’s what SkillShare is. I’ve found classes that have helped my kids learn all sorts of things and I stumbled upon Laurie Wang’s “How to Start a Blog – Blogging for Beginners” class. This course quickly walked me through how to buy my domain, where to host my site – everything I needed. Laurie even included a discount code for my hosting! I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Learn Explore Adore is all about digging into new ideas and expanding your comfort zone with precious new knowledge. SkillShare is perfect for doing exactly that. If you’re homeschooling, I urge you to take advantage of my referral link and see what you can do with 2 free months of SkillShare’s Premium service. Need to take a sick day? You can’t call a substitute – but you can set your students up with a few SkillShare classes.

Leave me a comment and let me know what YOU want to learn from SkillShare. In 2 months when your free trial ends, just remember: I warned you! I told you right up front how much you were going to love it!






P.S. If you’re wondering which WordPress theme I’m using: Baskerville. I LOVE IT! I tried Avata first and it was so not me. Baskerville fits my soul and my style.