Civics can be a tricky concept for teenagers to grasp. We’ve been using activities like helping people register to vote or update their registration address to learn civics. Another activity that we just finished was our first Philanthroparty!

Siren’s Philanthroparty was a huge success! She took the idea of hosting a toiletry drive for the homeless from the Philanthroparties book that we used as a textbook and combined it with¬†a L’Occitane party to create a fun evening that also helped those in need.


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This entire event ended up being far easier than I ever would have imagined! We started out by making a small guest list and arranging for a date and time with Nicole, the manager at L’Occitane. Once we had done that, invitations went out with an explanation that Siren would be collecting toiletry donations and in return, each guest would receive a free mini facial and hand treatment from L’Occitane, plus 10% off any purchases made in the store that night!

Nicole took care of the rest for us. Hosting the event in their store meant that we had no set up and no clean up to worry about. We made sure to have 6 people attend our party and I knew before we ever booked that I would be purchasing the minimum required purchase¬†all by myself. Usually business based parties require a couple hundred dollars worth of purchases. Not L’Occitane. All I needed to commit to was a grand total of $65 or more across everyone’s purchases. Easy. With that 10% discount, I was ready to do some early Christmas shopping!

L’Occitane treated us like royalty

Nicole and her team made sure we had snacks and drinks while we took turns shopping and getting our spa style treatments. The teenagers had a blast!

Siren and her friends at L'Occitane

We even walked away from the whole thing with an amazing gift basket full of full sized products valued at over $150! Obviously, that wasn’t the point of doing it and a couple of those items will go to the women’s shelter to help out, but it was far more than I expected. It sends the message to Siren and her friends that there are all kinds of positives when you work hard to help improve the world around you.

Outdoor lighting can do funny things. The L’Occitane en Provence yellow is usually the color that you see in the store photo above, but when I took the gift basket out to my backyard… pop. Totally different yellow. I didn’t even edit this photo. It just came out of the camera like that.

Do we recommend hosting a Philanthroparty with L’Occitane?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, but we recommend doing more than that. Philanthroparties do not need to be limited to toiletry drives at L’Occitane and L’Occitane parties do not need to be limited to Philanthroparties! Our homeschoolers will be adopting the Philanthroparty philosophy as a part of their lives. Personally, I’ll be hosting a girls night out at L’Occitane. I know I will. It was so much fun and it took all the stress out of my usual prep because they handled set up, snacks, drinks, and clean up. They even handled our activity.

Nicole and her team at L'Occitane took their snack duties seriously and provided us with cookies, chocolates, and a custom mocktail

Nicole and her team at L’Occitane took their snack duties seriously and provided us with cookies, chocolates, and a custom mocktail.

Zoe's favorite product: Rose scented candles

Zoe’s favorite product: the sweetest rose scented candles.

Siren's favorite product: shampoo that helps your hair color last

Siren’s favorite product: shampoo that helps your haircolor last.

Candace's favorite products: foaming facial cleanser and verbena deodorant

Candace’s favorite products: Foaming facial cleanser and a citrus deodorant that is the perfect size for travel and contains no aluminum.

Front of L'Occitane "Let's Party" pamphlet

L'Occitane Party brochure - interior

Back of L'Occitane "Let's party" brochure

You may find yourself looking for some kind of disclaimer that this post was either sponsored by L’Occitane or the Philantroparties book – but you’re not going to find one. You will find a disclaimer that the link to the Philanthroparties book near the top of the post is an affiliate link, which means Amazon will give us a tiny cut of the proceeds if you purchase it through our link. We legitimately loved everything we promoted in this post. All opinions are my own, but neither company gave me anything (aside from the gift basket already discussed – and that had nothing to do with blogging) to write this post. Also, if you find yourself wondering why the post isn’t more centered on the toiletries collected or where exactly we dropped them off, I’m more comfortable showing people how they can replicate what we did than I am with showing every single detail of what we did. It’s one of my quirks. You’ll love me when you get to know me.