Help us transform our homeschool into a road school

Our dream is to road school more. We don’t plan to go full time because we still have responsibilities at home, but our wanderlust is a vital part of how we learn. For 2018, our goal is to spend no fewer than 50 days road schooling. You can help us reach that goal.



Sponsor us.

Here at Learn Explore Adore, we have a little rule that we do not want more than half of our posts to include any form of advertising, but we don’t consider an honest review to be advertising. If something is truly worth experiencing, we want to talk about it! We follow all rules regarding disclosing sponsorships or advertising in posts. Let us know what you want to work on and we’ll work with you to find something that is mutually beneficial to your business, our homeschool & website, and our readers. We’re small right now, but we’re growing. Our site and instagram launched on Sept. 7, 2017. Our instagram earned 100 followers on Sept. 20, 2017. We have plans to incorporate additional social media growth and we have had local media show interest in helping us reach our audience. Please email with media or sponsorship requests.


If you’re looking for a “donate” option, you’re not going to find it. We’re not legally a charitable organization – meaning that we do not have tax exempt status. Yes, we are a school, but we’re not tax exempt. You can sponsor us for a day, week, or month, but that sponsorship is considered income for us. Sponsorships are the best way for us to make sure we’re doing things correctly.

We plan to add some new options and fundraisers in the near future, but for now – that’s it! Our top priority at this moment is to grow our readership by producing quality content and attracting new subscribers. You know… that actually reminds me…

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There is one more way you can help us. Head over to Instagram and follow @LearnExploreAdore. After that, hop on Twitter and follow @LExploreAdore.¬†When you’re done there, find us at and, well, you know what to do.

It may seem like you can’t help us without spending any of your hard earned cash, but that simply isn’t true. By subscribing to our site, sharing the link with your friends, and visiting whenever you see we have a new post, you help improve our website’s reach. The number of unique views per month is important because sites with lots of them are appealing to sponsors. Sponsors can offer us things like hotel stays in exchange for helping them with posts about their properties. Cutting down our expenses when we travel brings our road school dream so much closer!


Check out our brand new Etsy shop!

We’re making one of a kind paint with water cards and bookmarks for you and your homeschool. More will be posted and the visuals of the shop will be drastically improved in the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to get a few things posted. Our resident digital artist is on vacation and will be helping us create our logo as soon as she returns.