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September 2017

Our First Philanthroparty – L’Occitane

Civics can be a tricky concept for teenagers to grasp. We’ve been using activities like helping people register to vote or update their registration address to learn civics. Another activity that we just finished was our first Philanthroparty! Siren’s Philanthroparty… Continue Reading →

Road School Chronicles: Wheeler Historic Farm, Utah

Overcast weather means it’s time for an outdoor adventure. This time, we went on a tour of Wheeler Historic Farm in Murray, Utah. The girls were busy with other lessons, so it came down to me and PB to explore… Continue Reading →

Silent No More: Gaming Headsets

My article “Silent Protagonist: Why I Banned Gaming Headsets in my Home” (originally published via LordoftheLaserSword.com in Spring 2015, republished here) I explained why I had refused to buy a gaming headset. In this article, I’m revisiting gaming headsets and… Continue Reading →

Silent Protagonist: Why I Banned Gaming Headsets in my Home

(I wrote this article for LordoftheLaserSword.com during Spring of 2015 after I spoke as a panelist at Salt Lake Comic Con’s Fan X in January 2015 with some of the writers for the site. I figured this is as good… Continue Reading →

How I Built My Website

I have to tell you guys how I built my website because, boy… I feel like this is super relatable! SkillShare saved me years of studying. Vague Disclaimers benefit no one: A recommendation for a paid subscription site is gonna… Continue Reading →

Road School Chronicles: The Path of Totality

When I went to bed on August 20, 2017, I had no intention of waking up early or seeing the upcoming solar eclipse from anything beyond the local library. Driving for hours on end to reach the Path of Totality… Continue Reading →

Hello world! Welcome to Learn Explore Adore

Welcome to the obligatory first post. Let’s dive into this fresh Learn Explore Adore adventure! In truth, it’ll take a few days (or weeks… let’s hope it doesn’t take months) before real posts start appearing here; before the site looks… Continue Reading →

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